Can Anyone Be Hypnotised?

Anyone can be hypnotised if they are willing to respond.

Can The Hypnotherapist Do Things That I Do Not Want?

Absolutely not! In Hypnosis you are always in control. 10% of the effort is the Hypnotherapist's and the remaining 90% is the responsibility of the client. The methods used for therapy and the suggestions given, work when they are in line with your desires and intentions – that is the only way the subconscious mind will accept them.

I Have Seen Unusual Things Demonstrated on stage, Will This Happen To Me?

Hypnosis is a tool and can be used for many areas including ‘entertainment’. A stage hypnotist screens the audience and chooses the most susceptible and most imaginative individuals for their show, those who will willingly go along with any of the suggestions. And it works. The same is true for clinical hypnotherapy: willing individuals come along to change or improve aspects of their lives. And it works!

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

The number of sessions depends on three components: your state of mind, the problem that is being worked on & how well you respond to Hypnotherapy. This is not a treatment which requires you to come for many sessions, because Hypnotherapy works rapidly. For most, the formal part of the therapy only usually requires one session. Remember, that Hypnotherapy continues to process in the subconscious mind, long after the sessions finish!

How Long Are The Sessions?

Sessions are approximately 1 hour in duration.

Can I Claim Through My Private Health insurance?

Clinical Hypnotherapy is not covered by most insurance companies; however several Private Health insurances do refund part of your costs, depending on your level of cover. Contact your insurance company to find out prior to arranging sessions.

Do I Need Or Want Therapy?

When my plumbing fails, I call a plumber. When I am sick, I see a doctor. When I want to change or improve aspects of my life, I see a therapist. If you want something to change, a change you must make.