Here is some feedback from some of Leah's previous clients.

Weight Loss Review

I started my Hypnotherapy sessions as I had put on a lot of weight with the change of my job. I was a little nervous at first but Leah was fantastic and put me at ease and explained everything that would happen and it was very enjoyable. I felt the difference after the first session and was happy with my progress after, over the month that follow i started to notice my weight dropping and after 2 and a half months I had lost just under 4 stone (18.5 to 14.7) I am really happy with my weight now and I no longer struggle to maintain my weight. It has made me so much happier in myself and i am so grateful to Leah and everything she has done.


PTSD Review

As an ex-soldier I found that as I got older my anxiety levels rose and I began to exhibit all the signs of PTSD. I could not watch the news, a movie or read a book on war without it profoundly disturbing me. Bonfire night had become unbearable. To my amazement, after my first session, I slept like a baby and have had no unsettled feelings since. If you are suffering from the effects of trauma such as anxiety, depression or stress I highly recommend that you go to see Leah.



Driving Test Review

Had a one off session / treatment to help with a nervous mental block last year, I felt safe, in control and relaxed. Plus I completed the task that I was struggling with the next time. So pleased I used your service. And I have been waxing lyrical ever since!



Fear Of Balloons Review

I went to see Leah last year for an embarrassing fear of balloons. I used to be scared of going to family parties, well any event really and would often make an excuse to stay at home. I had one session and Leah cured me of my fear. With hindsight, a wonderfully useless thing, I would have chosen hypnotherapy as my first option, Thanks again.



Fear Of Flying Review

Had a really relaxing treatment and I am looking forward to future results...Many thanks!



Weight Loss Review

I saw Leah back in May; my weight had gotten out of control. After participating in the HypnoSlimmer programme and experiencing the HypnoGastric band I am absolutely over the moon with my results. In the last five months I have lost 5 stone and 1 pound. I have lost all this weight with no effort at all on my part (well, I did turn up) and have enjoyed all the foods and restaurants I have always loved. If you are a yo-yo dieter like I was, stop throwing away your money and book in with Leah she WILL change your life, she certainly changed mine.



IBS Review

Thank you so much, after years of not being able to tolerate red meat I am now able to stuff my face full of hamburgers whenever I choose. The doctors convinced me that my IBS was for life and something I would learn to live with, Leah showed me that I choose what stays with me for life and the agony of IBS has not been one of them since my hypnotherapy session! Lifechanger!